Our Christmas Dinner raffle raises £200 for Llanelli Foodbank 

The spirit of giving was in full swing this holiday season as the team at CCTAL organised a Christmas Dinner raffle, raising an impressive £200 for the Llanelli Foodbank. The festive event not only brought joy to the CCTAL community but also made a significant impact on those in need. 

CCTAL, known for its commitment to community welfare and education, took the initiative to spread holiday cheer by organising a Christmas Dinner raffle. Colleagues, friends, and supporters enthusiastically participated, contributing to the impressive £200 raised for the Llanelli Foodbank. 

The funds raised will go directly to the Llanelli Foodbank, providing essential resources and support to individuals and families in need. The Foodbank plays a vital role in addressing food insecurity, particularly during the festive season, and CCTAL’s contribution will undoubtedly make a positive impact on the local community. 

As we celebrate the success of the Christmas Dinner raffle, CCTAL remains committed to its mission of supporting the community through various initiatives. The dedication of the team and the generosity of everyone involved exemplify the true spirit of the holiday season. 

CCTAL extends its sincere thanks to everyone who participated in the Christmas Dinner raffle, making it a meaningful and successful event. The support received underscores the strength of community bonds and the collective impact that small acts of kindness can have. 

Speaking on the donation, our Training Manager, Lynette Daniels, said:  

“We are thrilled to share that we raised £200 at our Christmas Dinner raffle for Llanelli Foodbank. This donation isn’t just a monetary contribution; it represents the collective spirit of giving and the tangible impact we can make when we come together. 

“The £200 raised will play a crucial role in supporting the Llanelli Foodbank’s mission to alleviate hunger in our community. It’s a reminder that even a small gesture can make a significant difference in the lives of those facing challenges. We believe in the power of community support, and this donation reflects our commitment to making a positive impact where it matters most.”