How to become an association member

To become a member of CCTAL, your company should:

  • Be a CITB registered in-scope company.
  • Be involved in the construction industry with a head office based within the County of Carmarthenshire.
  • Pay an annual subscription of £250.
  • Attend group meetings.
  • Be committed to ongoing staff training and personal development.
  • Support traditional or shared apprenticeships.
  • Engage with work experience programmes.
  • Provide industry insights and voice your views.
  • Engage with careers initiatives.

As a member, you will receive many benefits, including:

  • Attendance at association meetings (with voting rights).
  • Access to the association’s training courses at a reduced cost.
  • Permitted use of the CCTAL logo on all company literature and marketing materials.
  • Identification on the CCTAL Website.
  • Access to CCTAL’s Training Manager to advise and assist with your training needs.
  • The opportunity to take part in all group initiatives and activities including events, guest speaker presentations and more.
  • Assistance to develop and maintain your organisation at a level of competence matching that of national service providers. This includes discounted training and links with Cyfle Building Skills Shared Apprenticeship Scheme.
  • Attendance to association meetings where topical industry issues and training development can be discussed.
  • Access to and involvement in all the association’s Community Benefits.

If you would like to become a member of CCTAL or would like further information, please contact Lynette Daniels, Training Manager.

*Final acceptance as an association member will be determined by the Executive Board.