Case Study: Dominic’s ascent from apprentice to site manager

In 2007, Dominic Davies embarked on a transformative journey into the construction industry through an apprenticeship with us, here at CCTAL. This marked the inaugural year of the shared apprenticeship scheme, a program aimed at providing comprehensive training for aspiring tradespeople. Little did he know that this pilot initiative would significantly shape the trajectory of his career in construction.

Coming directly from secondary school, Dominic opted for the apprenticeship route due to a dislike for traditional schooling. With a family background in carpentry, influenced by a father who was a carpenter, the construction industry felt like a natural fit. The discovery of the apprenticeship scheme occurred during an Open Day at the college, where initial information was shared, and candidates were chosen through a series of tests. Selected as part of the pilot group, Dominic became the first carpenter in this pioneering apprenticeship program.

The shared apprenticeship course, spanning three years and achieving NVQ Level 2 and 3 in Carpentry, offered a unique blend of academic learning and practical site experience. Unlike other apprenticeship models, this program ensured continuous employment even during lean times, a crucial factor during economic uncertainties. Dominic transitioned through various companies during the apprenticeship, including Carmarthenshire County Council, Jones and Mayer in Carmarthen, Sutton Bros in Penygroes, and TRJ in the final six months, Dominic gained diverse exposure to the construction landscape, equipping skills along the way.

Upon completion of the apprenticeship, TRJ recognised Dominic’s talent and dedication, offering him a job as a carpenter. This opportunity proved pivotal, especially during a period when many companies were unable to take newly qualified tradespeople on board. The hands-on experience at TRJ, particularly in roof work during a significant project at Ammanford College, equipped Dominic with essential skills.

The journey continued as Dominic progressed from carpenter to site supervisor in 2018. Notably, TRJ played a crucial role in mentoring and providing opportunities for growth. The transition to site manager marked significant milestones, including overseeing projects such as Pembrey Primary School, houses in Cenarth and Burry Port, Morriston Hospital among others.

June 2023 then saw Dominic managing the Pembrey Primary School project, scheduled for completion in February 2024. Reflecting on the journey, Dominic acknowledges the influence of experienced colleagues who guided him into management, providing valuable insights into running jobs and managerial aspects.

Speaking on his journey, Dominic said:

“I started as an apprentice with CCTAL, and it was the shared apprenticeship scheme that opened doors for me. The hands-on experience and mentorship at TRJ Construction were instrumental in my journey from carpentry to now managing projects. The construction industry offers endless opportunities for those willing to learn and work hard.”

Owain Jones, Director at TRJ, said:

“Dominic’s progression from apprentice to site manager is a testament to the effectiveness of apprenticeship programs. TRJ Construction values talent and dedication, and Dominic’s story reflects the success that comes from providing opportunities and mentorship. We take pride in fostering growth within our team and contributing to the development of skilled professionals in the construction industry.”

The case of Dominic, once an apprentice and now a successful site manager, exemplifies the positive impact of apprenticeship programs like those facilitated by us at CCTAL. It not only provides a skilled workforce to the construction industry but also fosters personal and professional development, creating a sustainable pipeline of talent for the future.

Dominic’s story serves as an inspiration to aspiring individuals considering the construction industry as a career, showcasing the possibilities that unfold through dedication, mentorship, and opportunities provided by the shared apprenticeship scheme.

We wish Dominic the best of luck in his ongoing progression within the construction industry.